One day i found this lovely pan for making pie in Mah’s kitchen, and somehow my strawberry’s head gave me a lot of cling-clangs noises to make this sweet dessert. And so…voila…here we come my lovelies…Bottom Tart Brownies.

Bottom Tart Brownies

Beauty in itself…can only be tasted by the owner

I got the inspiration for the ingredients and the way to bake it from Brownies 1/2 Kilo by Nicke Dkania Hossein and Brownies by Lynne. Those two blogs have helped me in creating this modification recipe. In here You can also find my modification recipe of Butter Brownies and my great Brownies Goey Cappucino.

A Bottom Tart Brownies

There are 3 thingies that we must prepare and 1 topping must be chopped. The Tart, the Brownies, and the Cheese Cream with a handfull of walnuts to be chopped. Lets start with the Tart, shal we my lovelies?

The Tart
Bread crumbs 3 spoonfulls
Flour 3 spoonfulls
Oatmeal 3 spoonfulls
Butter 3 spoonfulls (make into small pieces)
Eggs 2
Ice water 3 spoonfulls (might not need it all)

The Tart ingredients in the bowl

How to make the Tart

# Mix the crumbs and the butter until they mix a little bit. Then add the oatmeal, flour and then fold in the egg one by one. After that give the ice water 1 spoon at a time until the dough can be shape. Mould it on the pie pan that has been greased with the butter. Cover all the bottom with the dough.

The dough of the Tart is being put into the Pie pan, sowwwy for the band aid, its because of cutting the nail too short so my toe is a lil bit sensitive.

The Brownies

Chocolatte bar 50 g melted with 2 spoonfulls of butter, cool it off
Sugar 4.5 up to 6.5 spoonfulls (depend on Your sweet teeth)
Flour 6 spoonfulls
Butter 6 spoonfulls melted and cool it off
Cocoa 1 spoonfull
Cappucino/Coffee powder 1 spoonfull
Egg 1
White egg 1
A pinch of salt

The Butter and sugar…whisk it with a spoon is also okaaay


The mixture of the Brownies

How to make the Brownies

# Put the melted butter in a bowl with sugar, and whisk them nicely (1 minute). Then add the egg and the white egg.

# Add the melted chocolatte into the bowl. Mix them with the whisk before You add the flour, cappucino and cocoa into the mixture.

# Then pour the batter into the Tart pan. Set aside. Then You sprinkle the walnuts on it, its okay when the walnuts are sinking, those babies are supposed to suprise us when we bite them….crunch…crunch.

The Cheese Cream
Quark Cheese 3 spoonfulls
Yoghurt 3 spoonfulls
Sugar 5 spoonfulls
Egg 1

How to make the Cheese Cream
# Mix everything into 1 big bowl to avoid the splashing while we stir them to mix it. Then pour it on top of the walnuts topping.



Lovely beauty is ready to be baked
Last morsel before it is gonee…ach…lecker